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Neighborhood Link awareness

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  • Robert T
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I believe we could have more participtation from our neighbors on this link if they only they were aware of its existance and I'm wondering how everyone else feels about this idea.

We could either post sighs on the mail box stations "labor intensive" or put signs up at the three entrances.

What do you think?

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It's a good idea, but someone would have to make the posters, and handmade usually doesn't get read. And you're right, at the mailboxes is beyond labor intensive. I tried it a few years ago with my family. It took 4 of us two days!

We'll let folks know about it tonight at the meeting and I've put it in the newsletter for new folks to take home tonight.

I agree. We would have more participation if people would know about this.


I will look at getting some flyers/postcards made up and we can utilize the block capitans to get these passed out to the homes. The nextdoor app sends out postcards, and it took them a little bit to get it up and running.


With membership increasing, we can also tell people about this website at the same time.

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