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Phone scams

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If you have grand children beware of scammers.

I just recieved a call from a young man claiming to be my grandson. He said he was in Oklahoma with his friend Josh and his friend was going to marry his girlfriend. He claimed he had the flu and he was in a automobile accident.

I was suspicious right away, he did not sound like my grandson. His voice was different and his languge was different, and the area code for the caller was 844 my grandsons area code is 832. I began to ask questions he could not ansewer, when he figured out I was on to him, he just hung up.

I went on line looking up the are code and there is an alert for this toll free number and others. I also found out the caller is not charged for the call, but I was. I also found out I can block calls from these toll free area codes and they are 800, 833, 844, 855,866,877, 888.

Knowledge is power.

Thank you for letting up know!


Very useful information!


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I've known 3 grandparents that have had that happen. Creepy. One even knew her grandson was Army but didn't know he was out of the country. So she knew it was a scam. My poor mom would have totally been scammed. Her only saving grace is that my girls sound like tiny babies on the phone and I'm guessing most wouldn't sound like that. lol


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