Millers Point Neighborhood Association

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Millers Point Neighborhood Association

PO Box 2412

Universal City, TX 78148

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March 20th Meeting

Is there a meeting scheduled for March 20? For all? Thanks more
Started: March 7th, 07:53 PMReplies: 2

Dead tree

The Arizona ash tree at the Kittyhawk entrance is really looking shabby and I don't beleive it's going to get any better. It really gives a bad first impression on our neighborhood. Are there any... more
Started: February 27th, 09:50 AMReplies: 5

Speaker Carlos de Leon

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out to listen and voice your concerns with Mr. de Leon, in place for Mr. Calvert.   We are definetly stronger in numbers! I personally talked with... more
Started: February 21st, 08:09 AMReplies: 2

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Deferred Maintenance. . .
Deferred1_th Procrastinators Beware! Deferring the common area maintenance of an owners' association, though sometimes necessary, can have negative and lasting effects upon a community. Deferrals are...
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